Gather 'round, my wealthy friends

Long ago and far away, I was a veterinary nurse. I specialized in exotic animals and wildlife but, I worked with all small animals. I pet sit often as a side-hustle and I used to pet sit for Ms. Red Snapper and Mr. Snapper when we all lived near each other in Los Angeles. I adore and love the Snappers and their fur babies. The humans and pups in that family have brought me untold amounts of joy and kindness that I will always cherish. 

A few years ago, their pup, Doodle Bug, got sick and Red made Doodle pillows (pictured below) to raise money for medical costs. Now my little buddy Buster is in need of a *MAJOR* surgery. It's very invasive and incredibly expensive. A pillow making campaign was started to raise money for Buster's health care this time. I am saddened and hurt that we lost Doodle (she was a special soul) and I'm worried about my Buster buddy. Please help the Snappers raise money if you can. You can visit their GoFundMe Page to help with costs and get your very own Buster pillow as well. 
Doodle Bug Pillow by Ms. Red Snapper

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