That boy is a monster!

One of the hardest parts about leaving LA was knowing how much I would miss my best west coast pal, B. He ate my heart. ;-) He's one of the most wonderful people I know. He's kind, funny, generous, hard-working, creative, forgiving and soooooo much fun!  He has great taste in movies and he's introduced me to some fantastic music and theater. He's been the doorway to many of the opportunities I had in LA and he's always been one of my greatest points of inspiration and support. We've had so many crazy adventures and it's Sad City knowing I'm missing out on adventures with him now that I'm 800 miles away.

I feel grateful and lucky to have someone like B in my life. I'd do just about anything for him. I'd totally shoot him in the head if he became a zombie. If you're fortunate enough to have someone who will get drunk at Disneyland parks with you and record videos of the two of you lip-synching to Frozen songs, why not give 'em a big hug today...or at least let them know you got their back if they get zombified! 

Happy Birthday, B!!!  

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