Wondercon 2014

It appears that attending Wondercon has become an Easter tradition for B and me. This year there seemed to be many more people there on Sunday than we have experienced in the past. Parking ended up being the biggest hassle to deal with but after we got ourselves parked the rest of the day was fantastic.

We spent a lot of time walking the floor. I love looking at all the cosplay and merch. It is also a great place for me to recruit artists and vendors for upcoming Lusty Kitten Productions events. I made sure to grab the business card of every artist/vendor that could possibly fit into one of our shows whether they were local or not.

I did step off the floor long enough to sit in on the second half of the Whedonversity panel with Christos Gage, Georges Jeanty and Zack Whedon. It was a fun panel and all things Buffy and Serenity were discussed. After the panel I found Georges in the hallway being as wonderful as ever. Big hugs were passed around and we briefly discussed my nip-slip at Across the Whedonverse. I passed off a dvd copy of the show for him as a "thank you" for being a part of our inaugural event.  He really is such a gentleman. If you ever get the chance to say "hi" to Georges, you should. He's great!

Here are some of fav my pics from Sunday at Wondercon 2014! Enjoy!

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