VIDEO: Nudie Cuties--A Colorful Mess

I have so much to blog-gush about. Unfortunately, during the few days surrounding Across the Whedonverse there was an unthinkable tragedy in my close circle of loved ones.  I am making a huge effort to get caught up on all sorts of things right now.

I have been promising a video from a shoot I did with Bunnie Butt Productions in January. It was a really fun day and I love being on set, so I enjoyed the work. In addition, I got to work with some people I truly love and cherish.

Josie and I spoke about her concept for this video and I was so thrilled when I heard her describe the type of shoot I had always dreamed of doing. For me, it was a sort of tribute to Tempest Storm and Bettie Page in this little number

I was pretty nervous as I was going to be nude on film and I have never done that before. All of the full nude art and performance I do is not recorded so I wasn't sure what I was comfortable with or what I envisioned. So, I kept an open mind and showed up on set ready to roll. I am not shameful and I am body positive and sex positive, but I need to make sure that the reasons for sharing my nudity on film were in alignment with who I am as a person, an artist and as a performer. Josie has a fabulous disclaimer on her Vimeo site that I couldn't agree with more. 

"***DISCLAIMER*** I am sharing my own personal experience and perspective on my life decisions through the use of art and will not tolerate any hate, judgement or slander. If you choose to watch my videos you are responsible for your own thoughts and actions as any emotions that arise from viewing my series is a reflection of yourself and not the opinion you impose upon me."

You will not see me fully nude, as I decided against that for now, but, there is full nudity. It's NSFW...depending on where you work ;-)

A Colorful Mess

Starring Josie Bunnie and Spy Kitten

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