What you put out to the Whedonverse, comes back to you

I eat, sleep and breathe Joss Whedon's works right now. I am re-watching everything. Oh, the torture. I guess we all must make sacrifices. I dream about Across the Whedonverse. I meditate, visualize and work on this event from the time I wake up each morning until I go to my day job--then I come home and work until I can no longer keep my eyes open each night. Coordinating and producing events is something I am damn talented at doing and the fact that all this work is lacquered in Joss joy and happiness just feels extraordinary.

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have been crazy lucky to run into a boatload of my favorite actors from the verse just out and about town. I went to my first ComicCon in San Diego and my first WonderCon in Anaheim since coming here. I saw Joss at both events, but, like every other fangirl and fanboy, I had to admire from afar. That didn't stop me from zooming in on his magnificence at SDCC and making that photo my phone's wallpaper for the last year and a half.  I have mad respect for the man's genius and he inspires me in ways I can't even put into words.

Fast forward to now. Across the Whedonverse is less than a month away. I have been working in events since 2005, but, this is my first burlesque/fandom event with my co-producer Mae Lust as Lusty Kitten Productions. Right now, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Mae and I seem to be a power team who work well with each others strengths and weaknesses. I really enjoy having her as my partner.

Last night, Mae and I met up with Pixel Drip Gallery to discuss their involvement with Across the Whedonverse. We had made plans to meet up at this little coffee shop so we could figure out details and logistics. I will note that we did not choose the coffee shop...our tarot card reader for the show, 
Andulka Wilkes, made this choice. As soon as Mae and I walked in the door, I saw fucking Alan Tudyk sitting at a table, by himself , working on his computer. This is how it felt:

I looked at him and then I looked back at Mae about six different times wondering if this was real life or if I was hallucinating. It was such a perfect moment that it may have been one of the most surreal of my life and I was having a really difficult time accepting it as reality. Mae confirmed my suspicions with a simple "so, this is happening." I was so excited I thought I would burst. I could not form full thoughts because I was reeling from the insanity that Alan fucking Tudyk was sitting in the coffee shop that was chosen for a meeting place about Across the Whedonverse by a tarot reader. I was then instantly pissed that we don't have our gawd damn event fliers back from the printer yet. But, Mae, being the majestic and well prepared creature that she is, had some of our "save the date" fliers we made back in October. We left him to his work while we devised a plan.

The plan was simple-- wait for him to leave, approach him and give him a flier. We didn't want to interrupt his work, but, there was no way in hell we were letting this opportunity pass. We went on with our meeting and after about 20 min or so we saw him getting up to leave. I tried to gracefully get up to talk to him and then tripped over Mae's foot and the table legs so it was super loud and embarrassing. He then started to introduce himself to these other people he seemed to be meeting up with outside, so it was crazy awkward. Turns out there is this fine line between being rude and not missing an exquisite moment to act. They started to walk off so I just went into super-cute-creeper mode and chased him down. His friends kept walking but he stopped and listened. He looked at the event name "Across the Whedonverse"on the save the date flier and chuckled. I told him that we didn't want to bother him but, we thought it was a little too perfect that he was there at the same time we were there to specifically discuss the event. He was like "what is this" so I started to gush "It's burlesque, with a fan art gallery and live art, and vendors and games and a costume contest." His response "holy shit! I know some people who would love this" seemed genuine in interest and was encouraging.  I told him thank you and was about to walk off when he extended his hand and said "I'm Alan". I reciprocated with "Hi, I'm Spy Kitten" as he started to walk away--still shaking my hand. He started to repeat my name and then just started to laugh and smile and said "nice to meet you" as he faded off into the moon lit streets of Hollywood.

I like living in the Whedonverse. It's magic!

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