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I'm having a little Joss baby with some of my burly-q friends.

In early 2013, I started making plans to bring a tribute to Joss Whedon to the stage via burlesque/variety acts. It was an idea that I had been playing with for years, but, didn't have the guts to do anything about. I felt really empowered one day after spending time with a beloved and fancy mentor and decided that I had plenty of guts and that I could do any damn thing I wanted. I approached fellow performer and Wheondite, Mae Lust, to see if she wanted to co-produce a Joss Whedon tribute.

Mae said "Yes." So, she and I formed Lusty Kitten Productions. We did our research and knew there were other burlesque tributes to Joss that had taken place previously in other parts of the world.  We wanted to respect those earlier productions and create a unique fan experience--a fandom event with a lusty twist. We decided to create a mini con-like experience surrounding the burlesque stage show. Initially, we wanted our show to debut between the premier of Much Ado About Nothing and Comiccon 2013. We found a lot of support within the Whedon community, but, we were having a really hard time getting venues to respond to our inquires. We worked tirelessly for months and watched our ideal show date come and go. It was so frustrating. We had everything in place, except a venue. And not for lack of effort.

Things were sort of crummy and I started to get scared that the show might not happen and/or we were losing interest from some of our supporters. Lots of great communication took place between Mae and myself, we both reaffirmed our commitment to the Joss baby and we were able to brush ourselves off and get right back on the Bad Horse (I'm insufferable, friends). In the end, Peepshow Menagerie was approached as co-hosts of the show so that we could give our vision the chance to become real in the venue I dreamed of having the show take place--Fais Do Do in Los Angeles.

The gist--The show is happening. It's happening soon--February 7th, 2014. Tickets are on sale now.

 Ticket on sale for Across the Whedonverse
Across the Whedonverse

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