The most blah blah, whatever, no Nathan Fillion or unicorns this year. (aka Halloween 2013)

It was off to Disneyland again this Halloween to celebrate my 4th anniversary in Los Angeles before heading to the spooky Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood. Halloween is always so much fun in LaLaLand.

A wonderful time was had, even though we kept showing up to lines as they were "closed". We tired to go to the sneak peak of Thor, but, the stupid line closed seconds before we got there. Then I was bummed that I didn't get a photo with gay Sailor Donald Duck because the dumb line closed, only to be reminded that I already had a photo with gay Donald, so I had no reason to worry. Then the damn Tower or Terror broke while we were waiting in line. Grrrr! But, seriously, unless you have kids, I don't think it's possible to not have a great time at Disneyland. I'm just playin', kids, you know I love ya!

I visited Innoventions for the first time ever and was quickly distracted by Tony Stark and his Iron Man suits

After all the Iron Man excitement we followed it up with the Asimo show. I fell in love with that little robot and decided there is nothing else I should be doing in life aside from focusing on how to get an Asimo of my very own.

Then we went on all the rides and I scared B on Screamin California

At the end our Disneyland adventure we headed back to Los Angeles so we could get ready for the Carnaval in West Hollywood. We decided to dress up as Disney characters who had been bitten by zombies. The best part of the night was meeting up with our non-zombie counterparts...until some random Beast used it as an excuse to cut in front of a bunch of people waiting patiently for gawd damn delicious pizza behind us. Jerkface.

But, it's all good because I ate his brain. Yum!

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