Discovering my super powers

I promised to blog gush about Peepshow Menagerie's-- A Strip in Time. I'm sorry it has taken so long, but, I learned over the course of the last several months that I am, in fact, a fucking superhero with super powers and super strength and it's possible I can fly, although I haven't tried it yet. Realizing I'm a superhero took a bit of adjusting, as one might there's that whole power and responsibility thing to balance. How did I discover my powers you ask?  This is a story about the forces of evil conspiring to eliminate me and how I became aware that I have super powers.

Spy Kitten as K9 drinking ale & performing to music by The Lancashire Hotpots
It all started during A Strip in Time. I was running around like a crazy robotic dog getting ready for the show. I had a busy night ahead of me as I was stage kitten for the night, I had lines in the show and I was performing a routine in the second act. Right before it was time for me to perform I started to feel sick. I thought I just needed water. I was about 20 seconds into my routine when I thought I was going to projectile vomit all over the beautiful stage at Fais Do Do. I felt so nauseated! But the show must go on and I got through my routine sans puke. I kept drinking water and I started to feel better by the time the third act was beginning. 

I want to send a special huge shout out to a few people. First, one of my favorite fans, Rupert, brought me a belated birthday present and I absolutely love it. The warning I received with the gift was "don't eat it". Ya know, because cats eat birds and ...Oh, never mind. 

Note to self--Do not eat!

I am totally going to use this whimsical creature in a future costume. :-) Second, Kit and Lauren are two gorgeous and super fun ladies I met that night who shared sentiments and kind words with me that were a huge inspiration. And Lauren gave me a bracelet that said "…just live" and it was exactly what I needed at the time. Today is Lauren's birthday. Happy Birthday, Lauren. Also, The Real Time Lords of Orange County were there and they were having soooooooo much fun that it was infectious. I want to thank all of you for making the night so special. It was by far one of my favorite shows. I'm also really grateful to all of my friends who came out to show support. 

Spy Kitten as K9 with some of The Real Time Lords of Orange County

Affirmative! That's Spy Kitten as K9
Spy Kitten as K9. Not pictured--the rad control panel I built.

Spy Kitten (as K9) becoming human

The amazing James Robinson as our ninth Doctor, K9 (Spy Kitten) and Ace (Donatella Melies)

Most of the cast of Peepshow Menagerie's--A Strip in Time.

The show was so fun! I feel like this was a "level up" in my burlesque journey. Not only did I build a control panel with working LED's for my costume but I also decided to step up my game when it came to my hair and makeup. This show was also the first time I had so many duties to attend to in one night and it was insane.

I still felt sick later that night after I got home and the next morning. But, my team was filming for the 48 Hour Film Project on Saturday so I had to pull it together. I got through the shoot and we made a fucking awesome, creepy ass, scary film. Afterwards, I went home with a back ache I thought was caused from sitting in a weird position during filming. Ten minutes after getting home and enjoying my delicious cheeseburger, I was brought to my knees in agonizing pain. I was convinced I was giving birth to an alien. Then I was sure I was possessed by a demon. Mostly, I was certain death was coming for me. 

Sunday consisted of me sleeping and then partaking in Red Snapper and Mr Snapper's rewedding festivities with Lili VonSchutpp, Red Snapper, Evie Lovell and Anastasia VonTeaserhausen. I was still feeling a little yucky but not sure why. Then Sunday night the demon death alien came for me again. At this point I was getting scared, so, I looked up symptoms to figure out what was going on and emailed my doctor back in CO.

Come to find out, it's a kidney stone. A god damn kidney stone. 

These fuckers are no joke. I get occasional migraines and that is nothing to fuck with. But, I have never felt pain like I did that weekend. I was still dealing with it at Monday Night Tease for the Snapper's Rewedding on Aug 12th...And on the 18th for Naked Show and Tell's Doctor Who themed episode. 

Spy Kitten as ring bearer at the Snapper Rewedding with Scott Nery and the Snapper puppet

The rewedding ceremony

The rewedding party
I ended up in the hospital on the 21st of August because I wasn't getting better. That happened to be the day of the screening for the movie I worked on the weekend this all started. I went on to have an extremely traumatizing hospital visit and I missed the screening. It's actually really difficult to relive what happened in the hospital as it was that awful. I was kept awake for extreme amounts of time, not given food, they ran the wrong tests, lost my lab work, forgot about me and all sorts of other horrible things. Prior to that a doctor had tried to kill me with antibiotics even after I told him I have sensitivities and allergies. Asshole. But, if all these tests are correct, I have several kidney stones still in my kidney just waiting to bring searing hot demon possession pain to my ureter tube. Whatever, kidney stones. Bring it. I am obviously impervious to danger. As soon as I was able to coordinate schedules, Jason Kamimura and I began working on a video submission to apply for a job traveling the world. 

So, that's how I came to I realize I'm a superhero. I cannot be stopped. I was a stage kitten, with lines, who performed a routine, shot a movie in 48 hours, did crafty rewedding shit, served as ring bearer, and had naked nerdy conversations about Doctor Who, looking for a job traveling the world, all while in the process of passing a demonic kidney stone.  

The mother fuckin show must go on! 
Spy Kitten surrounded by robots and daleks. Poster design by Chris Beyond.

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