Busy little bee

The last few weeks have been crazy busy for me. My dad came to visit and we ran all around SoCal exploring new things. I went to Vegas with a group of friends. I did a pin-up fashion show. I did a retro 1940's style photoshoot. I totally ran into David Boreanaz at a fundraiser. I worked on "It's always sunny in Philadelphia". The episode of Bones I shot in March, aired May 8th. My friend, Matt, is in town. I watched dolphins swimming around. I saw Iron Man 2 (effin awesome) and ran into Matt Sharp and Lauren Chipman at the movie theater. And I had tons of special events to attend. I've loved every second of it...mostly. Ok I admit...there were a few hours that were tough...but overall, everything has been (and continues to be) lots of fun and a learning experience. I honestly feel that I am super on spot with my life path right now and think that this super radness is only the beginning!!

Yesterday, I went through all my clothes and decided to give tons of stuff away. There are just so many things I owned that I will not wear in LA. I had felt like I was done with Denver for sooooo long. I think giving away all those bulky, constricting, clothes and coats are a kind of metaphoric release of the Denver I left behind. It wasn't until I got here and I got settled in that I have realized just how very, very done I am with Denver. The only thing there for me are friends and family, all of whom I can visit. It's almost as if my soul was in LA all along and had been summoning me.

I am happy to have joined my soul in Southern California. I love it here. I love my beautiful home. I love all 7 of my rommies! I love my friends. I love being so close to the beach. I love the life, the flowers, the birds and the trees. I love that I have Spike (my car) to help me travel around this amazing part of the world. I feel so at home here. I have always felt that this is my home. Now it really is!!!

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