The most super awesome, magical, unicorn, Oh my god was that NathanFillion, rainbow, shirts off, lollipop, sunshine day Part I (akaHalloween 2012)

I love it when the Universe gives you a big, wet, sloppy kiss. October 31st 2012 was one of those days for me.
It wasn’t an ordinary day. My days are seldom ordinary, but it was not only Halloween but I was celebrating my three year anniversary of living in Los Angeles. A city with which I feel such a personal and intense connection, that I’m absolutely in love. A smitten Spy Kitten, if you will. In addition, the last fews months have been really challenging after the loss of a close friend and as I’ve been moving through the grief process, I have been working extremely hard to make some major changes in my thoughts and therefore, make major changes in my life. In the last few weeks I’ve seen the changes I’ve been working towards coming to fruition. With so much to celebrate and be grateful for, Halloween just happened to feel like a magical day.
My best friend, B, and I decided to go to Disneyland (we are season pass holders) for a couple of hours in the morning. I hadn’t been since the Halloween decorations were installed and B said I *had* to ride Space Mountain and see the super scary way they turned it into Ghost Galaxy. So off to Disney we went. The first thing we did was go to city hall to see if there were any Halloween buttons (pins). No Halloween buttons, but, they did have a Happy Anniversary button that I gleefully pinned to my shirt. For the rest of the day Disney employees said “Happy Anniversary” to me. Each time they did, my little heart danced around and I said “thank you” and did a little skip and giggled “yay” as I soaked in all the goodness.
There were not many other guests at the park when we arrived and I think the longest we waited in line for any ride was 10 min. In fact, the longest wait was for us to take a photo with the characters Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

We’ve never seen them at the park before (and we go often) so we decided to take advantage and get character photos. I am on a weird mission to collect Disney buttons and Disney character photos. I have no idea where this compulsion came from, but I don’t question Disney compulsions. We left there having had a fabulous time and made our way back to LA so we could rest up for the West Hollywood Halloween Parade later that night.
Two side notes here- 1) Adults can wear costumes to Disneyland on Halloween! 2) We went on three rides and noticed that each time we were placed in row 4. Ride number 4 was Tower of Terror. We were placed in the fourth row for the fourth time. WHAT?!?!? Look at the creepy photo from that ride!!

Where did that clown come from?!?!?!?!?

To be continued…

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