The most super awesome, magical, unicorn, Oh my god was that NathanFillion, rainbow, shirts off, lollipop, sunshine day Part II (akaHalloween 2012)

After such an exciting day at Disneyland, I took a power nap, got dressed and I met up with my girl friend, Ro, around 7:30pm. She had a few other girl friends around and it was delightful doing each other’s hair and getting ready together. I rarely feel very “girly” and enjoy it. It usually feels awkward to me. But, Halloween is magical, remember?

B and his brother, A, and another friend, T, picked me up from Ro’s in Hollywood. We stopped for liquor, energy drinks and potty breaks then started towards West Hollywood. We found awesome parking close to where the parade started. We headed towards Santa Monica Blvd and everything exploded into a cacophony of feathers, glitter, blood, lights and music. It was as if a nonsensical fantasy land had come to life right before my eyes. Everyone was literally dancing and singing in the streets dressed in their Halloween best. It took us well over an hour and a half to walk about a third of a mile. There were multiple potty breaks. At some point, a stolen sausage was involved and we lost A in the crowd. But, in our defense, he was dressed as a Lucha libre wrestler and kept running off into the crowd to make his cape fly in the breeze.

There was so much going on, so much over stimulation. I saw dragons and robots and Pac-Man and Captain Cana…wait…was that Nathan Fillion!??!

At this point, the parade was officially over and the streets were starting to clear out. Don’t get me wrong, it was still crowded. But, many people had started to leave so it was more like walking through a crowd rather than your body being involuntarily pushed through a crowd. Basically, I wasn’t sure it was possible I would recognize him. And I’m usually terrible at recognizing celebrities anyway. As soon as I said it B, who is excellent at spotting celebrities, was like “Oh My God! Is it?!?” We promptly took off after the alleged Nathan Fillion. Suddenly B realized he had just darted off leaving T behind. He stopped. I went into “every woman for herself ” mode and kept going, confident I could find my way back to the general area where the car was parked if we became separated. T found us and caught up to B. We all caught up to Nathan. I felt like a crazy person at this point but did not give one fuck. Not one fuck at all. Nathan Fillion crossed paths with me on Halloween night on my Three Year Anniversary in LA. I was not going to let anything about this pass me by.  Seize the mother fucking day!
Nathan was walking around with some people but no one else seemed to notice him or who he is. Maybe his face is burned into my brain from the scene from Buffy when his eyes bleed black. It’s honestly one of my favorite Nathan moments. You know, this super sexy, hot scene?

Yeah, I don’t know why I love it, but, I do.  Anyway, he was filming some people dancing and he’s so ginormous compared to me that I was trying to get his attention and he couldn’t hear me (or shit, maybe he was just ignoring me). Now, I’m not a meek woman. I’m pretty loud. But, I was trying to be discreet. He finally turned around and saw me standing there. I really hope that I didn’t look as creepy as I’m afraid I looked. This tiny little woman, staring with huge green eyes and a smile that was swallowing the rest of my face. Here was my chance…Nathan Fillion is an entertainer I greatly admire. He inspires me in ways I can’t even begin to describe and it’s a dream of mine to work with him one day. I find him to be my modern day, geeky Gene Kelly. Captain Canada, Captain Mal, Captain Hammer and Caleb stood before me and all I could say was…

“Hi, would it be ok if I took a photo with you?”

I’m notorious for this. I choke when I meet someone I admire so much. I say creepy, lame things that just make me look like a socially awkward fangirl. Oh wait…I am a socially awkward fangirl. But, this time I didn’t even care. I met Nathan and we took a photo together, he put his arm around my waist for the photo and obviously we are going to run away and fight super-villains.  Ha!
But seriously.

We got back to the car just as A was walking to the car from the opposite direction. He told of epic stories about lost passports on his solo adventure. We all piled in and we went to In n Out so I could sober up and so we could shove cheeseburgers and fries in our faces. After I was good and sober, the boys took me back to my car. I was exhausted and ready to crawl into my bed and fall asleep thinking about how very lucky and blessed I am.

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