Dragons in Denver

I went back to Denver, my hometown, for Fourth of July weekend. It was five days full of family, friends, music, love, and burlesque. :-) My favorite things!

One of my favorite events during this visit was the night I had a get together at my dads place. So many of my loved ones showed up and we delighted in an evening of camaraderie. We lit fireworks and had exploding tank battles and later, an epic T-Rex attack took place among the decimated troops. There was lots of food, booze and chocolate that everyone enjoyed in moderation.

One of the moments that sticks out for me that night was when Andrew, my friend Sonya's son, was playing guitar for us. My heart floated from pure joy as I watched the kiddos run around the yard and heard the laughter of adults that only comes from reminiscing. After an almost 100 degree day, we were blessed with an evening thunderstorm. The kids played in the rain and squealed over the bright flashes and loud claps. This perfect moment reminded me of cherished childhood memories. When I was very young, my parents and extended family would get together to eat, drink and be merry. Someone was always playing the guitar and us kids were always running around the yard, squealing. I always wanted one of the family musicians to play "Puff the Magic Dragon" and inevitably someone would and everyone would start singing along. That's the way I remember it anyway. But, I was like, 4, so who knows what actually happened. ;-)

On that warm, rainy June night last week, I asked Andrew if he knew how to play "Puff the Magic Dragon". He looked at me like I was a total nerd, said "no", and went back to playing Alice in Chains or something. So, I didn't get to hear Puff that night, but I think I figured out why I love dragons so damn much.

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