My parents are proud!

So far, I've had three shows with NGR.  I'm reading in another this weekend (June 18th). You should come! The last two were particularly fun for me and inspired a lot of reflection, growth and gratitude.

On March 19th super hot, naked ladies read comic books, about super heroes, at a super famous comic book store, on the night of the super moon. How could it not be a super fabulous night? We also read stories that were related to Burlesqueland, as we were in the middle of that extravaganza. Of all the readings I did that night, I really enjoyed reading stories about death and dismemberment at Disneyland, because I'm super morbid, and because the audience was all "Bahahahahahhaa!!!" I think I was just as entertained by the audience reaction, as they were by my reading.

I was pleased to be a part of this event for a couple of reasons.

1)  I got to be naked in a comic book store...reading comics.
2)  I got to read comic books a comic book store. ;-p
3)  Everyone was laughing and having a great time while I was naked, reading comics in a comic book store.

 Photo by Rex the Impossible

The other Naked Girls Reading event I did this spring was Naked Girls Cooking on May 22nd. Cooking really isn't my thing. But, I appreciate irony and creating something sweet to eat is a cause I can get behind. So, when I was asked to do desserts, I decided to create the first ever Spy Kitten Berry Cups.  Dessert cups, strawberries, whipped cream (that will not drip off boobies), and chocolate sauce.

Oooo...and possibly just as exciting, I was asked to model for the event flier! Another reader was originally supposed to model for the cooking flier, but, something came up and I happened to be available on short notice for a quick shoot. It's my first flier and my first photo shoot with Chris Beyond so it was a pretty big deal in SpyKittenVille.

I love being naked and I love entertaining. It rarely occurs to me that what I love doing is considered controversial. Only because it seems so silly, to me, that humans should be morally ashamed of our bodies or of our sexuality. As a little girl, I would get so mad because, when it was hot outside in the summer, Jeramy Bloomer, got to run around without a shirt on. "Why can't I take off my shirt, moooooooooom?" Mom tried to explain it to me, but, I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world. How dare boys get a different set of rules!  Having my boobies exposed is really no different to me than having my arms exposed. Nudity does not have to be sexualized.

But, when the reality of the controversy is brought to the forefront of my mind, I use the ignorance, fear, hypocrisy and self-righteous arguments to fuel my performance. I use the judgments, by people who know nothing of me, to further create my character. I've always been a bit sassy and it feels great to channel that into my character and get away with making intelligent, ironic, philosophical and yes, even political commentary in an artistic, mocking, rebellious manner...naked. Oh, gawd! I'm like, a hipster stripper or something. *facepalm*

I suppose I also feel empowered by creating the most realistic version of a life long fantasy. I have dreamed of being as funny as Lucille Ball, as iconic as Betty Grable and as glamorous as Rita Hayworth. And of course, a man as dashing as Gene Kelly will fall madly in love with me.  For as long as I can remember, I have been entranced by "old" Hollywood, silent films, the circus, vaudeville and movie musical extravaganzas. Through the influence of my mother and grandmothers, I came to appreciate an era dripping in profound historical moments, gloves & stockings, dancing sailors and pin up girls. Through the influence of my father, I came to appreciate nudie magazines, kustom culture, horror, comic books and sci-fi.

Wow. That's fucking awesome. Thanks mom and dad for all your positive influence & support and for accepting me unconditionally.

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