Fuck Christmas

I had a fun "I got a boner for Christmas" holiday themed performance in Denver at 3Kings. I was lucky to share the stage with the lovely ladies of Ooh La La Presents. These women inspire me and are a huge part of the reason I became a burlesque performer. They welcomed me with open arms, got me drunk and we all danced the Christmas night away. A handful of my Denver friends braved the freeeeeeezing cold to come out and show their support and I am uber grateful to each of them and to all of the friends they brought with them.

Denver wouldn't let me have a "boner" on stage. It turns out there are some laws about having anything phallic looking on stage that could have gotten me in some trouble that carried hefty fines. Even though I think that is insanely ridiculous and oppressive, I was unwilling to accept those consequences. So I had to get creative and thanks to some inspiration from a fellow burlesque performer, I decided to use one of those giant candy cane sticks for my stage boner.

It ended up being one of those nights I will always remember and cherish. Thanks to everyone involved in making this Christmas so rad !

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