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If you don't know who Aimee Allen is, you should. I found out about this dollface 8 years ago through the band Unwritten Law. They had just released Here's to the Mourning and I was obsessively listening to tracks on Myspace. There must have been a link to Aimee's Myspace page, because I remember ending up there and never wanting to leave. At the time in my life, her lyrics reflected exactly how I felt. I was pissed off at politics, relationships, religion, family, get the point. The music made me feel all "Rawr"...which is how I liked to feel at the time. Ready to fight! I felt destructive and angry, with an underlying twinge of hopefulness and optimism that real change could happen in my life and the world.  But, I had no idea how to handle any of it or to facilitate that change. And that just pissed me off even more.

The combination of my new discovery and the new UL album made for lots of dancing around my apartment naked and I found myself getting super excited when I learned Scott Russo (UL's vocalist) and Aimee were a couple, that she had co-written songs on Here's to the Mourning and that they were working on a collab called Sitting in a Tree. I gobbled it all up. I bought everything they released and I loved the remixes. In my perfect world--Aimee Allen would go on tour with Unwritten Law and I could dance around with sweaty strangers while listening to all my favorite songs live!

Alas, that never happened. I went through some super huge and intense life changes that had me bouncing around the mid west and west coast. Scott and Aimee split up. Unwritten Law and Scott had some major issues, including losing band members and houses burning down. Aimee seemed to all but disappear (come to find out she was nearly beaten to death by a gang) and I was left feeling that the world had missed out on something pretty fuckin epic.

Then, about 4 years ago, I found a few songs on itunes called "Vacation Song" and another called "I'm Here", released by an Aimee Allen. Could it be my Aimee?! Yes! "I'm Here" is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. "Vacation Song" is super fuckin rad. It's full of horns, triumph and a little bit of fuck you! Of course, I listened obsessively and even played "Vacation Song" for some of my friends and family with the declaration that I wanted to do a burlesque routine to the song. Come to find out, one of my family members and her now husband, went to high school with Aimee in Montana! WTF?! Small world and all that...

Lucky, lucky me...Aimee released a new album, "A Little Happiness", on July 21st, 2009 (my birthday)! My all time fav track on ALH is "Wait for Forever". And while the version of "Vacation Song" that I love didn't make it, a different version called "On Vacation" did.

She had some tracks available to hear before the release of ALH and I fell in love with Aimee all over again. The lyrics reflected exactly how I felt once again. Only this time it was about finding happiness, letting go, forgiveness, embracing emotions (even dejection) and making change in the world. This of course is only my perspective. I have no idea if she actually intended to communicate any of that through her music. But, I know that I felt I had found a lyrical soulmate. Someone who could articulate what I felt in my soul on a consistent basis. Someone who seemed to be growing and changing in ways I was growing and changing. And her actual music was different now too. The music has a more reggae, ska feel to it. It's music that makes me feel calm, happy and carefree. The way I like to feel. This is remarkably different from the dark rock and punk inspired music from her past.

A few weeks ago, Aimee played a show at Hotel Cafe. I was beyond stressed, so I decided to take myself out on a date. That's not totally true. Originally, I had invited a few of my male friends to join me but, they are all so busy, they just couldn't find the time.  I decided that was for the best, because I wanted a solo Aimee sounds creepy doesn't it?

I wish I knew how to be not creepy...but I like to think I'm cute, quirky, opposed to scary, stalker, creepy. I get especially strange when I am around people I admire. It takes a lot to impress me. I'm pretty fuckin awesome and I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to. So if you impress me, it means you can do something I haven't figured out how to do, but really wish I could. I danced and sang my sparkly little heart out at the Hotel Cafe show. And when it was over I quickly made my way out the door, as I had a burlesque rehearsal to get to. I saw Aimee standing on the side of the building, ready to light up a cigi. My brain panicked and told me to walk fast and not make eye contact. She's gotta be busy and probably wants a break from everyone. But, my mouth didn't get the message and blurted out. "Oh my gosh. Can I seriously smoke a cigarette with you right now?" hahaha! Yeah. From there the verbal vomit got worse and I seem to have blocked out the majority of what I said. It was mostly me trying to tell her that I think she's the cats pajamas' without freakin her out...which just made me sound more freaky and *sigh* it was a lost cause. She was polite and even friendly. She offered me a hard copy of her CD and was openly grateful that I came out to the show. Then, some totally scary, stalker creepy guy came around and opened his mouth and made me look like the fuckin Fonz. Aimee was soon surrounded by people wanting a little piece of her and friends wanting to congratulate her and I realized our soulmate bonding would have to wait. I didn't want to stand awkwardly around with scary, stalker creepy guy and I had to get to burlesque rehearsal. I turned and started walking, convinced I was sneaking away discreetly and delighted with the brief interaction I had just had with a woman I admire greatly. Suddenly, I heard someone call out my name and turned to see Aimee walking towards me, asking me if I was leaving. I explained that I had to run off and I understood she was super busy and that I'd had a great time and thank you. She thanked me and hugged me. I made a comment about scary people and we both made that "eeek scary people" face at each other and I told her to stay safe and we said our goodbyes.

I floated back to my car. I felt inspired and reenergized. I found that little bit of happiness shining through and I remembered how fuckin awesome my life is. I was grateful for the opportunity to tell someone, whose work has had a tremendous impact on my life the last several years, how much they mean to me...even if it wasn't as gracefully presented by my brain/mouth, as it feels in my heart.

Thank you, Aimee!

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