Monday Night Tease

I had my Monday Night Tease debut on December 6th.  I performed a very similar routine to my overall debut on November 27th.  I call it my "Love or Money" routine and I perform to a song called "Ode to the Prostitute" by the Bastard Fairies.

What a night! Things were going wrong for me most of the day. Nothing super major...just annoying little things. When I finally got to the venue I had a costume issue and I was trying to deal with other mishaps I had no ability to foresee.  On top of that, all of my friends who had said they were coming to the show, bailed at the last minute.  Oh and I had forgot, but was quickly reminded, that someone from the LA Times was at the venue taking photos and doing a story about burlesque and Lili.  My nerves were out of control. But, I decided everything could just fuck right off because I had a job to do and I was looking forward to my debut at MNT regardless of anything else. I checked myself with a reminder that I had plenty of friends in the burlesque scene who were there to support me and that helped me to forget that the press was going to be watching my performance. I was able to fix the costume issue and I ended up having a delightful time with all of the other performers backstage--I think there were 2 others that were enjoying a MNT debut that night as well.

After it was all over with, I walked out of the dressing room to find some burlesque friends, Patrick and Eddie, taking care of some tear down. Well, Eddie was doing tear down, Patrick was just sitting around looking dapper.  Anyway, they started clapping when I walked out of the dressing room and it felt pretty amazing. We all (friends, performers, producers) went to House of Pies to wind down and bond. It ended up being a fabulous night full of lovely people. Later,  I went home and curled up in bed, covered in glitter and smothered in happiness.

You can view some of the photos from December 6th on the Spy Kitten fb page. You can also visit the MNT site and see photos of all the other gorgeous performers!

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