In retrospect

Oh my wow! This last week has been crazy busy and sooooo much fun. I learned tons of new stuff, I made new friends, I worked with some wonderful people and I am absolutely delighted with the way everything turned out. This is going to be a hefty post with lots of (unretouched) photos-- so grab yourself a drink, turn on some jazz and settle in for my recap.

Big Toe's Shimmer and Rot/Pin up, Get Down
I was a participant in the interactive pin up contest for the Big Toe show at Rothick art haus. This was a terrifying experience for me (it didn't help that there were a series of small mishaps in my world on my way to the show).  However, I trust Kelly and Nick at Rothick and I fully believe that, if something scares me, it means I HAVE to do it (as long as I'm not putting myself in danger). Why was it so scary, you ask.  I generally feel out of my element if I am not surrounded by gays or half naked people. I'm bubbly and optimistic, but I'm also painfully shy and socially awkward.  One of the things with an interactive contest, is that you have to talk to people...strangers...and ask them to vote for you. First off, I loathe small talk. I want to talk to people about things that are profound and for which they are passionate. Second, I think asking people to vote for me is dumb. I mean, it's great if they >want< to vote for me. But, what I really want is for people to think for themselves and vote for who/what they think best represents this case, it was the pin up girl. So, when I spoke to people I told them to vote for who they thought best represented their idea of the pin up girl. In the end, there were three of us competing and all three of us ended up winning something. I was very pleased with myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone and I am very grateful that I was asked to participate and that several of my friends in Orange County came out to show support for me and the show. Oooo...and I got to watch the fireworks from Disneyland! That's one of my favorite things about going to Rothick.  Enjoy this video from the opening

Dr Sketchy's OC 
I was very excited to pose for Dr Sketchy's OC chapter because, Nick and Kelly host the session at Rothick and Glenn Arthur is the MC.  Everything was fabulous. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this group of people. I felt welcomed, inspired and comfortable. Because the theme was pin up and we had just celebrated Veterans day, I planned a somewhat USO theme for my costumes and prepared several classic pin up poses. I had a minor inner panic attack when I realized that I couldn't have my laptop (Giles) near the stage to reference poses. I drank a little wine and came up with a new plan. I made a small note, that I kept in my bra, with key words for each pose so I knew what was next. This was only necessary for the first round of posing. In that first round there are several 1 min, 2 min and 5 min poses. Which means, those are the hardest ones to hold and require the most preparation. Everything worked out just fine, but next time I prepare difficult poses, I will make sure to have a list prepared in addition to Giles. You can view photos from the session here

Danny Beck gave me a sketch to take home. It is fantastic. I posted it on the fb fan page. I am totally going to frame it. Dr Sketchy's is like a magical land full of wonder, opportunity and nekkid girls.

Amy Kaplan Photography
Amy is the official Dr Sketchy's OC photographer. I was pleased to have the opportunity to work with her.  Not only did she take photos for the Dr Sketchy's session, but we were also able to do a quick photo shoot before the session got started. The photos are beautiful and I am delighted to add some of them to my portfolio. You can view some of the photos here.

Obsidian Entertainment
Posing for Obsidian was a dream come true. I am a gamer and I was thrilled to pose for a company that makes video games. Even better, they make games I actually play! There were a few things at Obsidian that got switched around the day of the session that caused a tiny bit of stress, but everything worked out. One of the most awesome things about creative people-- when things don't go as planned, we just make a new plan. I had fun with the artists and even got a super cool, fancy water bottle that says "Obsidian" on it! I loved the session but I also learned a few tough lessons. 1) Don't pose for figure drawing sessions two days apart. My body was in agony and my legs were shaking so much in some poses that I apologized. 2) Go through my entire wardrobe and try everything on because I have lost a bunch of weight and all of my costumes fit me in weird ways now. I was wearing this super adorable top with a puffy tutu-like skirt and the top kept bunching and making it look like I have tumors growing out of my side and back. And my cute denim skirt was too big for me and kept bunching in the front so, I look like I'm pregnant with a lumpy hand towel or something. 3) Music makes everything 100 times more fun and enjoyable.  We had total silence for the first two hours of this session because other people were still in their offices working. It was excruciatingly silent--save for the pencil on paper. The silence made every 2 min pose (the tough ones) feel like it was 2 hours.

All in all, I had a super great week and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with everyone I got to work with. Thanks for everything, you guys!

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