Attack of the Rotting Corpses

I recently had the opportunity to work with an amazing cast and crew for Attack of the Rotting Corpses at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group.  The play is described as "a condo complex in the San Fernando Valley whose water supply becomes contaminated with a dangerous microbe, transforming the residents (and their pets) into ravenous, flesh-eating zombies." I played the part of Liz "a cauldron of lustful excess who prances around in a skimpy bikini"-according to LA Weekly.  Attack of the Rotting Corpses was written, produced and directed by Zombie Joe.  I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone with whom I shared this experience! <3

The play itself was a blood soaked thrill ride that tickled my funny bone.  Working on the play was challenging, frustrating, painful, gratifying and enlightening. It helped me grow as a person and as a performer. I was able to share something fun and entertaining with old friends, while I made new friends. If you came to the show, I am eternally grateful for your support and encouragement. But, if you weren't able to make it,  I'm sure you were there in spirit. It just so happens you can read more about the play here and you can see some of what you missed in the photos below. Lucky you! Click on the slideshow to see larger versions...

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