Halloween Horror Nights

Last night, my friends and I decided to kick off October by enjoying the festivities at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (HHN). I had never been to Universal Studios before, so, this was a super delicious treat for me. If you love haunted houses and theme parks you will love HHN. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your frightening adventure and a few photos of the awesomeness inside Universal...

* We went on a night that offered heavy discounts on admission. I would suggest looking for similar deals if you are on a budget that doesn't allow for a lot of recreational spending. We paid $38 for admission. But if you have the cash to burn, you can not only go whatever day you like, but you can choose to upgrade to the "front of the line" pass. The regular admission price is $59 and $69 for the "front of the line" pass.

* Ladies, don't bother doing your hair, keep your makeup to a minimum and coat your lashes in waterproof mascara for this event. You will be sprayed, squirted and splattered with liquids. Also, wear something that is comfortable and non constricting.

*Leave the majority of your belongings in your car. The lockers fill up fast and cost more than they are worth. It's not a super huge deal to carry around jackets, handbags or backpacks. But, around hour 5 you'll wish you didn't have to carry anything.

*Speaking of hours. Stay the entire time. Get there early at 7pm and stay until closing. It is worth it and you probably won't even get a chance to do everything in 7 hours.

* Do (not) fuck with the performers. One scary fella was coming at me looking super freaky with his head tilted to the side. So, I decide to tilt my head and walk towards him being all flirty and cutesy. He took this as a personal challenge. He ran up to my face, jumped in front of me and started to scream. It was awesome, but, also intimidating.

* If you think you have on a pretty comfortable pair of shoes, you're wrong.  Stop and go change into the most comfortable pair of soft, pillowy shoe goodness you own. Your feet will love you for it at 2am when you are walking back to the car.

* Check the times that the rides or mazes close. We ended up missing out on the Chucky attraction because it closed early.   :-(

*Be prepared to smell some of the most interesting and disgusting things you have ever smelled in your life.   :-D

* Only ride the King Kong ride if the wait is around 5 or 10 minutes. It's the stupidest, lamest, most disappointing "ride" I've ever experienced. Don't listen to the Universal Studios hype. Go in with low expectations and you will not be disappointed.

* The lines move pretty fast. When we got in line for the Saw maze it said the wait was 85 minutes. I HATE waiting in lines and asking me to stand in a tiny confined area for almost an hour and a half is ludicrous. I almost bailed. But, because the line moved so fast, I stuck with it and we were through the line and maze within an hour. We entertained ourselves by playing charades and words games.

*Finally, have fun, scream, be dramatic and exaggerated. Ride all the rides and check out all the mazes and other attractions. It's all totally worth it and makes the experience memorable. I recommend going with a group of friends, stopping at Taco Bell at 3am and then sitting around talking about how much fun you all had when you get home. Just make sure Taco Bell didn't forget your effin' tostada...turds.

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