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I love life! I'm constantly in suspense about what amazing, surreal thing will happen next. I didn't always used to be this way. I've paid my dues in life and it's so great to just enjoy goodness. I was so freakin miserable through most my my adolescence and early adult life that I didn't care if I lived or died. Nothing amazed me. Nothing was surreal. Nothing happened next, except the same things that happened the day before. But, as I grew into being an adult, I let all that yucky stuff go and then I grew into my dreams. As soon as I became committed to my dreams, as soon as I started to follow them and believe anything was possible (no matter who laughed at me or told me otherwise), I started to see my dreams become my reality.

Fast forward to the weekend of May 15th 2010. I got a call from my friend, Benji, wanting to know if I would be interested in speaking with a director about a part in a movie on which he is working. Heck yeah I was interested!! Benji told me a bit about the part and we agreed that he would pass my contact info along to the director. He also sent me a copy of the sides. I read everything over and waited in extreme anticipation to hear from the director. I'd made a pact with myself that I wasn't going to tell a living soul about this opportunity, until I knew what was going on. Oh my goodness! That was one of the hardest secrets I've ever kept.

I heard from the director on Thursday. He asked me to come in and audition for the part. I agreed, despite the fact that I had been up since 4:30am, had been busy all morning, didn't feel so great and would have to drive about 20 miles in rush hour traffic in LA!! I figured if I made excuses for myself to *not* do this, I would always give myself the excuse of excuses. But, I had another little cloud looming over my head. I hadn't auditioned for anything as an adult. The last formal audition I had was for "Up the down staircase" in high school. And I had most definitely never auditioned for a movie!

I immediately called B to ask if there was anything I needed to know or for which to be prepared. He guided me as best he could and sent me on my merry little audition-bound way. I took a delicious nap, ate a snack and made my way to the Valley.

I felt that the audition went well. It was unlike anything I had every done before and when I left, I felt this euphoria I've noticed coming around after I have a performance or do something I never thought I would do. I was thrilled that I had gone through with the audition. I was pleased beyond any reasonable pleasure that I had just auditioned for my first movie role!!! It was surreal! I just auditioned for a movie! I told one other person, my friend Donnie, but decided this was still under wraps until I heard back about whether or not I got the part.

Today I got the call. The director left me a voicemail because I was super busy when he called. When I got around to checking my phone I waited just a few more moments to relish the journey I had been on. Not just for the last week surrounding this movie, but the last 5 months...9 months...12 months... 3 whole life... I just wanted to let it settle in and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate all of it before I knew the answer to "Did I get the part?"

I got the part!!!! Hooray! I'm so excited! The movie is a gay vampire horror flick, which is right up my alley! It's really just so amazing to me that this has all fallen into place. Not because I didn't believe it would, but because it's so sweet to watch dreams come true. Regardless of if they are my dreams or the dreams of someone I love. I really am delighted to see dreams come true. It's what life, happiness and joy are all about. I would even go so far as to say that, just going after your dreams, is what it's all about. The last month and a half has been a wild ride full of surreal moments and intense emotions. I feel unequivocally alive and happy!!

We will be shooting my scene towards the end of June. Oh, and my scene is with Benji, which makes this even more fun! I'm really excited and a tiny bit nervous. But, the nerves will go away the more I rehearse and own this part.

Oh man! Working with Joss Whedon and Quentin Tarentino is right around the corner...I just know it!! ;-D

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